The Bible for the Internet Generation

The Jewish people are the original People of The Book, and in the 21st century, The Book has gotten a digital makeover. On Chosen People Answers, users will be able to read the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament in multiple versions, including:

  • A prominent Jewish translation (JPS)
  • Prominent evangelical translations (ESV, with others planned)
  • Masoretic Hebrew Tanakh
  • Septuagint Greek Old Testament and English Septuagint translation (on roadmap)
  • Greek New Testament (on roadmap)

But that is just the Bible! Our scope is much bigger than that.

A Digital Library of Jewish and Christian Works

Although we will be prioritizing the Bible in all of our content, since it is our only inerrant source of truth, Messianic apologetics involves interacting with an entire library of available Jewish works – from the works of the ancients through rabbis of the modern era. Consequently, the Chosen People Answers digital library includes over 140 million words of Jewish and Christian texts (and growing!). The library currently includes:

  • Mishnah
  • Babylonian Talmud
  • Rashi
  • Maimonides
  • Medieval rabbinic commentaries
  • Apocrypha
  • And much more!

Our team is also working on integrating more texts into our databases, including:

  • Josephus
  • Philo
  • The Church Fathers
  • The Pseudepigrapha
  • And more!

Making Texts Come Alive

Every single verse of every single book – whether in the Bible or in the Talmud or anywhere – is open for question and answer by our digital missionary team. Each submitted question will be reviewed by our digital missionary team, and good questions will be answered with public responses. Users will earn achievements for asking good questions that get answered, giving incentive to inquisitive minds. Click on Isaiah 53:4 and see the list of questions that have already been answered. Don’t see your question? Send one in!

Additionally, each text is cross-linked with the content of the site’s apologetics articles. Users can open a pane that displays all the articles that reference the particular verse or chapter they are reading. A Jewish user can go to Isaiah 53 to read it for the first time, and then see a plethora of articles that will help him or her understand how it refers to Yeshua.