Building a cutting-edge Messianic apologetics website does little good if few people know about it. In order for Chosen People Answers to be a successful ministry, we need to get the word out. Thankfully, our parent organization, Chosen People Ministries, has a talented marketing team with proven evangelistic success.

Chosen People Ministries operates multiple evangelistic websites to share the Good News of Yeshua. Besides our main site at, we also operate, which offers free books and testimonies about Isaiah 53, and, which is a video site with testimonies of Jewish believers.

Since refocusing our online presence in 2013 and engaging in online marketing, Chosen People Ministries has come to see the strategic value of using the internet for Jewish evangelism. Some statistics of our sites’ successes are shown on the left.

Our marketing team has learned a great deal about using the internet to drive users to our evangelistic websites, and they will apply that knowledge and experience to launching Chosen People Answers.

We anticipate that there is a pent-up need for a Messianic apologetics website such as Chosen People Answers, and that we will generate (Lord willing) significant momentum via word-of-mouth in Messianic and evangelical circles. Our marketing budget will help drive that exposure, and also bring in unbelieving Jewish people to visit the website.