The history of Chosen People Ministries in the United States is largely a reflection of the larger history of the Jewish people in America. In 1894, Rabbi Leopold Cohn founded this ministry in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, shortly after he became convinced that Jesus is the Messiah. In its early days, Jews knew the ministry as the Brownsville Mission to the Jews, and its efforts consisted of evangelism and a variety of services and classes for the growing population of Jewish immigrants.

The Mission moved its headquarters to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and then to Manhattan, where the name changed to the American Board of Missions to the Jews. Then, in 1988, the name changed again to Chosen People Ministries.

From humble beginnings and a history of faithful service, Chosen People Ministries stands today as a credible, well-established mission that combines a commitment to Jesus and the evangelization of the Jewish people with cutting-edge creativity. Our presence extends to Jewish communities in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, the former Soviet Union, Europe, Israel and Australia.

In addition to our international headquarters and two Messianic congregations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Chosen People Ministries has established a presence throughout the United States–particularly in the regions with significant Jewish populations, such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., southern California and South Florida.

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