Meet Project Director Brian Crawford

Brian serves as the lead apologist and site architect for Chosen People Answers. He joined Chosen People Ministries in 2010 and moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2011 to begin seminary and ministry in a predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Since 2013, his ministry has focused on Messianic apologetics online. It has been his dream to revitalize the written form of apologetics on the internet, while reaching Jewish people with the Gospel at the same time. After growing up in a Gentile evangelical family in sunny San Diego, Brian has made Brooklyn home with his wife, Liz, and their two children.

Before joining staff with Chosen People Ministries, Brian worked as an engineer in designing buildings. Ever since his first computer with an Intel 486DX 33Mhz processor, he has been a computer nerd and early adopter. As they say, once an engineer, always an engineer, and this has proven true in Brian’s ministry. In addition, Brian has loved apologetics since his father first exposed him to defending the faith in his 6th grade Sunday School class.

Educational Background

2008: B.S. in Architectural Engineering, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA

2015: Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies, Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies (Talbot School of Theology)

2017: Enrolled in Doctor of Ministry program at Talbot School of Theology, entitled Engaging Mind and Culture. Projected graduation: 2020. Advisors: J.P. Moreland and Garry DeWeese

Professional Memberships

Evangelical Theological Society

Initially planning on being an engineer for the rest of his life, the Lord gripped Brian’s heart for Jewish evangelism while on a trip to Israel in 2005. Ever since returning from the Land, Brian has had a laser-like focus on getting the Gospel to  Jewish people, while addressing intellectual and spiritual obstacles that stand in the way.

Brian’s range of interests are as broad as the scope of the ministry. In terms of apologetics and evangelism, Brian is passionate about addressing the worldviews of traditional Judaism and secular humanism, with all of the controversies and flashpoints those entail. He spends hours in the Talmud and obscure Jewish texts and reads encyclopedias (plural) for fun. In fact, one encyclopedia is often not enough, since one must always read a Jewish take on a particular issue. In terms of other interests, Brian enjoys photography, video editing, motion graphics, hiking, computer building, PC gaming, soccer, and being a husband and a father.